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Financialization of Real Estate and Housing

Video Summary

In this video Bahar and Ellen interview Manuel on the financialization of real estate and housing.

The interview discusses three main questions: ​​

1) What are the different forms and faces of housing financialization?

2) How do these different forms and faces manifest themselves in different geographies? and,

3) What are the possible responses to housing financialization?

This video is aimed at students in higher education to develop a deeper understanding of the process of financialisation and how it is impacting the real estate and housing sectors.



Dr Bahar Sakizlioglu
Assistant Professor

Department of Socio-Spatial Development

IHS - Erasmus University

Bahar Sakizlioglu is an Assistant Professor at IHS, Erasmus University, specializing in urban sociology, housing and gender.


Ellen Geurts, MSc


Department of Management in the Built Environment

TU Delft

Ellen Geurts is a lecturer at the faculty of Architecture at TU Delft where she teaches courses on building economics at both the Bachelor and Master level.


Dr Manuel Aalbers

Associate Professor

Division of Geography and Tourism

KU Leuven

Manuel B. Aalbers is Associate Professor of Human Geography at KU Leuven/University of Leuven, Belgium, where he leads an ERC project and research group on the intersection of real estate, finance and states.


Additional Information

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  • This article  focuses on the financialisation of rental housing, through two German case studies

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