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Housing Governance

Video Summary

Housing governance is about organizing well-being, built environment and economy. This short video will explain the basics of housing governance - dimensions of housing, steering mechanisms and roles of government - and illustrate the current challenges in different parts of the world: Ecuador, Colombia, China and South Africa. How to achieve adequate housing in a sustainable way considering the interests of residents, for-profit and nonprofit investors and different layers of government. 

It concludes on how to address the current shortage of affordable housing and provides insight in mechanisms to make it work at the local level.


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Prof. Dr. Ir. Marja Elsinga

Full Professor

Department of Management in the Built Environment, TU Delft

Marja Elsinga is a professor in Housing Institutions & Governance. She is teaching housing governance and housing markets to bachelor's, master and PhD students as well as to housing professionals. Her classes deal with the way housing is organized in different countries and policies and strategies to secure adequate housing for all. She has more than 30 years of experience in housing research across the world and supervising PhD students. 

Her interest in the worldwide academic debate on the housing field is demonstrated by her participation as editor and advisor on boards of academic journals and membership of academic assessment committees across the globe. She is passionate about bridging the gap between urgent housing problems in practice and academic knowledge and therefore she gave many talks at housing events and is a member of several advisory and supervisory boards for policymakers and practitioners.

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Juan Yan

Juan Yan is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in the College of Architecture and Urban planning at Tongji University, China. Her research interests are housing policy and social (public) housing governance in urban areas.

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Rosa Elena Donoso, PhD

Rosa Elena Donoso has a PhD in Housing Systems at the Technical University of Delft, Holland. Master in Community and Regional Planning at the University of Texas in Austin, USA and Architect at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the University of San Francisco de Quito with a Minor in Sociology.


Her doctoral dissertation and book (2018) deals with the process of deterioration of affordable condominiums in Colombia and Ecuador. Rosa Elena has work experience with teaching at master´s level in Ecuador and professional urban planning with the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito. She has also worked provisioning technical advise working with international cooperation GIZ-Ecuador and currently with the Human Settlement Unit of ECLAC, providing technical assistance in Ecuador, particularly to the Municipality of Quito in its management and urban operations and to the Ministry of Urban Development Housing in national urban policies.

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Afua Wilcox, MArch

Afua Wilcox is a professional architect and PhD researcher at TU Delft. She has extensive experience in the research and practical design implementation of affordable housing and informal settlement upgraded projects in South Africa. She has also administered a number of housing-related courses at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa.


Afua is currently pursuing her PhD at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment with her subject matter based on informal settlement upgrades in South Africa.


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