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Strategic Urban Planning: Co-creation for a Just City


Cities are vibrant, complex places serving as the backdrop of lives and livelihoods of many. Yet uneven distribution of infrastructure, wealth and opportunities within urban areas can exclude the vulnerable, exacerbate inequalities and lead to further segregation. Looking at urban planning from a critical perspective, this module links theory to professional planning. It covers themes such as spatial justice, the commons, the right to the city and global trends such as gentrification. It speculates how we - as professionals of the built environment - can begin to design fairer and more inclusive urban spaces for the future.

This set of videos is divided into two main categories:


1. Fundamentals: Concepts / Theoretical knowledge


Cover general concepts related to the concept of the Just City, from a critical perspective and its link to professional planning. Topics included are spatial justice, critical urban theory, urban commons and public goods, and complexity and system theory.

Towards Spatial Justice and the Right to the City




Caroline Newton

Co-production of the City: Transdisciplinary Urban Justice


Saskia Ruijsink

The Spatial Justice of the Commons

Part 1


Roberto Rocco 

The Spatial Justice of the Commons

Part 2


Roberto Rocco 

The Just City from a Complexity Perspective


Alexander Jachnow

Gentrification in Relation to Heritage and Displacement


Remco Vermeulen

Bahar Sakizlioglu

2. Tools: structured in What?, How? and examples 

Include a set of videos that present various methods to analyse and understand current and future urban challenges considering storytelling, observational drawing, and co-creation.

Storytelling as a Co-creation Tool for Urban Planning 


Carolina Lunetta

Felipe Moreira

The Power of Drawing


Caroline Newton

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