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Sustainable Housing: Global and Local Perspectives 


Cities currently face multiple crises. The housing crisis has impacted the liveability in cities and reinforced inequalities and climate change threatens the inherent structure of cities. This module investigates the fundamentals of housing rights and governance, exploring different theories and methods to approach the housing crisis in the future. Topics range from collaborative housing to incremental housing strategies, showcasing a range of case studies from various locations.

This set of videos is divided into two main categories:


1. Fundamentals: Concepts / Theoretical knowledge


Fundamentals cover general concepts related to housing rights, governance, adequate housing and financialization. These videos use the format of lectures and interviews.

International Housing Rights



Maartje van Eerd

Adequate Housing: A Perpetual Challenge 



Alonso Ayala 

Ellen Geurts 

Housing Governance



Marja Elsinga

Juan Yan

Rosa Elena Donoso

Afua Wilcox 

The Domestication of the Right to Housing



Maartje van Eerd

Faith Ndhlovu

Vanessa Peter

Edward Molopi

Financialisation of Real Estate and Housing



Bahar Sakizlioglu

Ellen Geurts 

Manuel Albers

2. Housing provision approaches: Examples in policies, social relations, spatial aspects

This section includes a set of videos that addresses different approaches to housing provision. The videos use case studies that provide perspectives from different regions across the world.

Sites and Services

Small-scale Landlordism and the Production of Rental Housing



David Schelkshorn

Incremental Strategies in Contemporary Architectural Design (various cases)



Nelson Mota

Rohan Varma

Social Housing

The Housing Transformation Process: Case Study of government-built housing

in the Philippines



Alonso Ayala 

Housing Management challenges by low-income homeowners:

A multidimensional framework



Luz Maria Vergara

Collaborative Housing

Collaborative Housing

Part 1


Darinka Czischke 

Collaborative Housing

Part 2: The Role of the Architect


Darinka Czischke

Sara Brysch

Stephanie Zeulevoet 

Social Rental Housing in the Netherlands: recent developments and challenges



Joris Hoekstra

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