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The Housing Transformation Process: Case Study of Government-built Housing in the Philippines

This session introduces the process of housing transformations. It aims at understanding the implications and constraints posed by social housing projects in providing shelter to low-income groups, without a clear understanding of people’s housing needs.


The case study presented allows us to understand people’s spatial, socio-economic, cultural and livelihoods’ needs in housing. It provides valuable insights on how to adequately meet the needs of low-income households by looking at the different factors that trigger the decision of a household to transform its dwelling, and its desire for a liveable neighborhood.

Video Summary


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Dr Alonso Ayala Aleman

Assistant Professor

Department of Urban Socio-Spatial Development

IHS - Erasmus University

Alonso Ayala is an architect and spatial planner specialized in the fields of affordable housing and human settlement planning in the Global South.  He is Head of the Department of Urban Socio-Spatial Development at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) and assistant professor at the Erasmus University School of Behavioral Sciences.  in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

With over twenty-five years of working experience, he has conducted post-graduate education, professional training, research and consultancy work in affordable and adequate housing in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. He has delivered world-wide tailored-made training and short courses in strategic planning, social housing and affordable and sustainable housing for vulnerable groups.

Alonso Ayala main research’s area of interest is the relationship between housing adequacy and housing justice through the application and analysis of the 5 A’s Principles of Adequate Housing: Availability, Accessibility, Affordability, Acceptability and Adaptability


Additional Information

  • Tipple, A. G. (2000). ‘Chapter 7: The case for transformations’ in Extending themselves: user-initiated transformations of government-built housing in developing countries, Liverpool University Press, Liverpool, pp. 121-146

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