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Towards Spatial Justice and the Right to the City

Video Summary

Almost a century after the Frankfurt School sought solutions to the injustices and suffering they witnessed, the need for a transition to a just society in which all people can live a good and fulfilling life is now high on the international agenda. The NUA emphasizes the importance of space and spatial organization as key leverage to achieve this. As a result, we must prioritize the concept of spatial justice in future urban development, particularly in city reconstruction. This video delves deeper into these ideas


Additional Information


Caroline Newton profile picture 2022.jpeg

Dr Caroline Newton

Associate Professor

Department of Management in the Built Environment,


Caroline Newton is an urban planner, an architect, and a political scientist. Her work and research focus on the social and political dimensions of design. 

Caroline's research interests encompass (informal) housing and participatory upgrading, the complexity of architecture and planning in post-colonial contexts, and the methodological and pedagogical obstacles inherent in a designerly approach to knowledge development. 

Caroline advocates for revitalised urban professional participation and the reintroduction of advocacy to the forefront of planning and spatial practises. She advances a critical and involved approach to strategic planning, presenting planning techniques as acts of resistance, as enablers of alternative spatial possibilities and imaginations.


Additional Information

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