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Transformation of Industrial Heritage Site: The case of Sodafabriek, NL

1. To understand how the concept of adaptive reuse of heritage can be applied to a real-life project - a private-led heritage transformation project to achieve future-proof and inclusion.

2. To address the interest, resources and constraints of different stakeholders in the adaptive strategies of the heritage site


Video Summary

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Dr Yawei Chen
Assistant Professor

Department of Management in the Built Environment,

TU Delft

Dr Yawei Chen is an assistant professor in Urban Development Management at the Department of Management in the Built Environment, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology. She developed her expertise and special interest in understanding the complexity of urban mega projects in the context of industrial transition and globalization in the European – Chinese context.  Her research develops insight into the complex urban development process, development strategies and governance in the changing global-local context and sustainable urban environment regarding mega project study.


Her research addresses various governance innovations in the transformation of urban areas with distinctive historical, cultural, environmental, and social challenges, with focus on how public-private partnerships, community participation and financialisation are explored. She is involved in academic research, education and valorisation projects that link the management and governance of urban mega projects that aim at developing sustainable, resilient, smart and inclusive urban environments.

Additional Information

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