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Heritage and Values: Introduction to Concepts and Relation 


Prof. Dr. Ana Pereira Roders

Professor on Heritage and Values

Department of Architectural Engineering and Technology

TU Delft

Ana Pereira Roders is currently Professor in Heritage and Values, UNESCO chair on Heritage and the Reshaping of Urban Conservation for Sustainability, at TUDelft (The Netherlands). Ana graduated as an Architect at University Lusíada (Portugal) in 2002; and obtained a PhD in Building Technology in 2007 at TU/e (The Netherlands). She worked at universities in the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, UK and Mozambique. As a true promoter of international cooperation and knowledge exchange, Ana is a member of various networks, organized key events and manages groups at Linkedin and Facebook (about 10,000 members). She pioneered and co-edited the Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development (Emerald) until 2019. Her contributions to science, known to be innovative, interdisciplinary and methodical, are disseminated in hundreds of publications and events.


In 2015, Ana gave a TEDx Talk in Hamburg (Germany) on how cities become resource-efficient. She is now a member of the governing board at the International Center on Space Technology for Natural and Cultural Heritage (China), and the scientific board of the JPI Cultural Heritage. Award-winning researcher; a partner in research projects as H@V, CLIC, and HERILAND; Ana is a regular assessor of research proposals and outcomes to funding institutions, academic publishers, and universities.



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