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The Just City from a Complexity Perspective

Video Summary

Urban areas are per se the genuine expression of human interactions in space. There are social norms and cultural features that establish the layout and morphology of our socio-spatial environment.

The interplay of all these different features establishes a complexity of values, creating in their totality the unique quality of every human settlement.

Spatial justice cannot be measured in the same way for different stakeholders - as their conditions and interests are diverse. This poses a complexity of the urban system to the question of justice that can be only addressed locally and during a limited period of time.

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Dr Alexander Jachnow
Department of Urban Socio-Spatial Development
IHS - Erasmus University

Dr. Alexander Jachnow is an urban development specialist with more than 20 years of working experience as a researcher and advisor. The main focus of his work lies in enhancing institutions and their capacities by improving urban management practices and policy frameworks.


He advises and collaborates with organizations and DC agencies such as Cities Alliance, DFID, European Commission, GIZ, KfW, OECD, SDI, UN Habitat and UNESCO as well as local and national governments worldwide. Before joining IHS in 2013, Dr. Jachnow had led Urban Governance Programmes in South Asia for 6 years. Before, he was teaching at the University of Technology Berlin, engaged in housing programmes in Mexico City and in Favela upgrading in Fortaleza. He studied architecture in Berlin and Cordoba, Argentina, and holds a specialization in Housing Studies from the UNAM, Mexico City



Additional Information

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  • Nyamai, D. N., & Jachnow, A. (2020). A long walk to socio-spatial inclusion: Mobility and access in the context of urbanization and social exclusion in Kampala. In Transport Planning and Mobility in Urban East Africa (pp. 43-58). Routledge.

  • IHS (2019): Final Report: Spatial Inequality in Times of Urban Transition.

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